Flint felt. Designed and created by Isobel Auker




For me the Gables Yard provided the creative space I needed to develop my personal work when I retired after a life time teaching ceramics in Adult Education. At first finding my way proved difficult, but working alongside Derrick Ibbott, a first rate craftsman, the exuberant photographer Robert and my wife Isobel producing her wonderful textiles,the Gables Yard provided the stimulus I needed with its infectious vitality.

Derrick and Robert moved on to larger premises, Sally moved in next to me and bought a new craft, Stained Glass to the yard. New blood came from two younger makers straight from Lowestoft College set up shared a unit, Kate, a potter and Danielle- silk screen printed textiles, both looking for a low cost starter unit. The supportive environment with established makers helped them to develop skills, flourish and move on to greater things.

And me, I did find myself -producing a range of domestic ware and individual sculptural work, plus offering some courses. I was at my happiest on a warm summers day engrossed in creative work, or observing the changing seasons displayed by the light and large walnut tree through the large window at the end of unit 5.

Ray Auker - 06/12